Electrical Inspection & Testing

Electrical Installation Condition Reports.

Why is it important to have electrical inspections carried out on your premises?

According to the Electrical Safety First (the UK charity dedicated to reducing deaths and injuries caused by electrical accidents) in 2015/6 in England, there were 4 fatalities or injuries from electrical fires per day. 


Consequently, Insurance companies are increasingly asking businesses and landlords to have certificates guaranteeing the electrical safety of the premises.  Generally, this involves two sorts of inspections: Electrical Installation Condition Reports (until recently known as: Periodic Inspection Reports) and PAT testing (please see the PAT testing page for more details).

Electrical Installation Condition Reports

Aspects of an electrical installation may have been unsafe when the circuits were originally installed or could have become unsafe over time.  It is often impossible to tell whether an installation is safe or not merely by looking at it.  Electrical circuits need to be tested. An Electrical Installation Condition Report, sometimes known as a 'Landlord Report' involves tests being carried out on all the electrical circuits on your premises.  The certificate issued states the condition of the electrics and lists any faults that would need to be rectified before the installation could be considered safe and a 'satisfactory' grade may be issued. Whilst carrying out an inspection of an electrical installation we will remedy faults that require urgent attention.  We will also issue a certificate detailing the condition of the electrical circuits, including all the results of the tests and inspections we carry out and will inform you of any remedial work that needs to be done to render the installation safe.  For larger installations we will provide a detailed map of all the electrical circuits in the premises.