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What we do:

All commercial and domestic electrical work.  

Below are some of the things we are often asked to carry out and please see the rest of the website for more detail on our work.

01 Fault finding

Our speciality.  If you have an electrical fault please call us.  More often than not faults will be found in the first hour of work, though, as with all investigations, the time needed to find a fault is uncertain.  Sometimes the fix is simple, at other times more work needs to be done to rectify the fault and ensure it does not happen again.  

We will keep you informed of the progress of the investigation and, where possible, offer you alternative methods to rectify the issue.

02 Rewires

A rewire is necessary when an electrical installation comes to the end of its life; this may be after many decades of use and would be determined through inspection and testing. As rewires normally involve chasing channels in walls for cables and lifting up floorboards they are usually carried out when the property owner is not living there.  Ally Electrical Services Ltd often carries out rewires for customers that have just bought a property and want the electrics fixed before they move in. If you are living in the property but need a rewire, well, this would be an ideal time to go on holiday!

03 Landlords

Many of our customers are landlords and we carry out all necessary electrical work in a rental property.  Jobs we are often asked to do are:  

  • Ventilation of mould/condensation affected areas
  • Fault finding
  • Refurbishments before tenants move in
  • Electrical safety certificates
  • Door entry systems
  • PAT testing
  • Fuseboard replacements
  • Installation of emergency lights

04 LED light fittings

If you have halogen downlights in your home replacing them with energy saving LED downlights would dramatically reduce your electricity bills (the average LED bulb uses 10% of the power a halogen uses).  Some halogen downlights can be replaced by the householder but those with transformers above the ceiling will need an electrician to replace them.  You can tell by looking at the bulb.  If it fixes to the lamp holder above with two thin pins it uses a transformer and will need an electrician to change it to a LED fitting.  We can advise the best way to alter your downlights during a site visit.

05 lighting

Whether you have just bought a new chandelier from John Lewis or want some external security lights fitted, we can do this for you.   Choice of lights usually comes down to personal taste and we can offer ideas or advice about suitable fittings but, for lights inside the home, we normally recommend the customer buys the fitting.   We can purchase appropriate lights where the customer is less concerned about the appearance of the lights or specific lighting is necessary, for instance, for use outside or in a bathroom.

06 New sockets and switches

With more and more electrical appliances in use in homes the need for additional sockets is common.  We regularly see multiple chargers or other appliances on extension leads, or extension leads on extension leads.  The use of extension leads is not always safe, particularly when they are overloaded.   Additional sockets can be added to any room.  The electrical circuit the sockets will be connected to will have to be safe and we will test this first and rectify any pre-existing faults before any additions can be made.


Why we excel at our job

Reputation is everything to us.  Happy customers call us back and tell their friends and from a job satisfaction perspective we want to go home in the evening after doing a good job that everyone is happy with. Consequently, if we feel the customers plans for their home are ill-advised we will say so and point out what we feel better options would be.

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Recent Projects


This is a kitchen refurbishment recently carried out by us.  This is how the kitchen looked just after work had started.

This is how it looked after it was completed

A light recently installed in a home in Barnet .

Another recently fitted light fitting.



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